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FBC Expo, brilliant and wonderful NorthGlass...

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2020-11-12

1st, November of 2020 Fenestration BAU China (hereinafter referred to as FBC 2020) has been accomplished perfectly after 4 days exhibition. Despite the impact of the COVID-19, FBC 2020 still created a industry feast for the audiences with the main tone of “innovation” rely on its strength.

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This Expo attracted 575 enterprises, showing more than 10 thousand kinds of doors, windows, curtain walls, supporting products and production equipment of new products and solutions, and it presented the most comprehensive, intuitive annual industrial chain one-stop solution platform for the upstream and downstream industries such as developers, engineering units, door and window curtain walls and dealers.

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The 4th FBC Awards Night was held on the evening of the 28th before the exhibition, nearly 300 industry elites including association leaders, industry experts and outstanding enterprise representatives gathered together to celebrate the event. NorthGlass won the “TOP brand in the industry”, “technology research and development innovation products”, “innovative engineering application cases” three awards. Gao Qi, vice president of NorthGlass, general manager of Tianjin glass company won the “technological innovation and industry promotion figures”, and NorthGlass enjoyed the highlight moment.



Focusing on the innovation and application of building materials, the exhibition, with the theme of “innovation”, presented the innovative wisdom and achievements of NorthGlass. Having been used in well-known projects in the world, the deep processing glasses such as ultra-large curved tempered anti-reflective laminated glass, Nike “air cushion glass”, 3D curved fritted tempered laminated glass, digital printing small radius tempered glass, exhibited one by one and attracted the eyes of audiences. Northglass silicon lightweight microcrystalline stone curtain wall assembled in prefabricated units became a dazzling “star” of the NorthGlass booth, surrounded by audiences around the booth.

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CADE China Architecture Design Expo, the continuous highlight of NorthGlass...

A month before the exhibition, CADE organizers invited NorthGlass to participate in the space installation exhibition on the theme of “material possibility”, which was created by Mr. Gao Changjun, PhD. candidate of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and five new architectural firms and five vanward architectural materials enterprises in the industry to build five special exploratory space installations. Based on the influence of NorthGlass in the industry and the advantages of innovative enterprises, the organizers hoped that NorthGlass can participate in it and cooperate with the architectural PAO of international famous architectural design firms in pursuit of innovation to create glass architectural art devices. In the face of possible high-cost, NorthGlass did not hesitate and gave a positive reply. In the view of NorthGlass, such a collision of ideas and technology is what NorthGlass wants. After continuous revision and improvement in a short period of one month, the final presentation of the work - the Northglass Flower · mirror cluster has become the focus of the exhibition , which makes everyone quite proud.


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On the afternoon of 29th October, in the salon of “material possibility” in the special exhibition area, when it comes to this cooperation, Mr. Zang Feng used a word many times: exciting. He excited for this cooperation, excited for this work., excited for everything in this cooperation. At the end of salon, Mr. Gao Changjun shared a little story: “in the process of discussing detailed plans between Mr. Zang Feng and technicians from NorthGlass, both sides were concerned about whether the project will continue due to the complexity of the proposed scheme and the extremely high requirements of the production process of the exhibits, and the sharply high manufacturing costs. Mr. Zang Feng called me and explained the situation, to be honest, I did not know how to do it, but when the technician from NorthGlass reported to Gao Qi, general manager of Tianjin glass company, he said very firmly: we must do it and well do it!”, Mr. Gao continued to say, “I was very moved at that time for the support from NorthGlass and for its spirit”.

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Marketing Director of Tianjing NorthGlass shares "when materials meet designers who understand him"


Mr. Gao Changjun, the curator of “Material Possibility” of the Space Device Exhibition


Mr. Zang Feng, the co-founder of architecture/products

The NorthGlass booth have ushered in a wave of heavyweight guests during four days of exhibition: president of China Construction Metal Structure Association - Hao Jiping, Vice President and Secretary General of China Construction Metal Structure Association- Song Weimin, Assistent to the president of Architectural Society of China, assistent to the president of China Architecture Design & Research Group - Zhong Jishou, president of China Construction Metal Structure Association door and window curtain wall branch - Dong Hong, as well as well-known designers from China Architecture Design & Research Group, Arcplus Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design & Research(Co.,Ltd.), Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co.Ltd., representatives from CTO, DJSER also came to the NorthGlass booth to exchange views. The development of NorthGlass in recent years has also been unanimously praised by all people.


Mr. Hao Jiping, president of China Construction Metal Structure Association, and his party came to the NorthGlass booth


Mr. Zhong Jishou, Assistent to the president of Architectural Society of China, assistent to the president of China Architecture Design & Research Group, came to the NorthGlass booth


Architectural Carnival Night held by CADE

This year is a very special year, the outbreak of COVID-19 has a great impact on the development of door and window curtain wall industry enterprises. But the pace of innovation and development has not stopped. The new situation makes NorthGlass have new ideas in the research and development direction of new products, new technology, new industry, new equipment and so on. 

Now China has begun to walk in the forefront of the world in many fields, and NorthGlass, also has begun to lead the glass processing industry towards innovation. NorthGlass is looking forward to continue to work hard and will bring better updated products and technologies to the curtain wall industry in China.