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Why Epoxy

One of the things that people love about epoxy is that it has a wonderful shiny finish in addition to being such an amazing protectant. It creates stunning surfaces like that of a showroom. It makes wood look amazing and creates floors that you can be proud to show off.

Where to Use Shiny Epoxy

Shiny epoxy is great to use throughout your home. It is great for creating a wonderful shiny floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Shiny epoxy also can be used on your kitchen countertops or your bathroom vanity top for a wonderful shiny surface that maintains its new look.
Outside of your home or business, there are so many places shiny epoxy can be beneficial. Patios can be finished with shiny epoxy, as can driveways. You can create an amazing pool deck with shiny epoxy. Sidewalks can also be coated with shiny epoxy to create and maintain a clean space for people to walk on.

How to Install Shiny Epoxy

To begin with, you need to decide what kind of epoxy you want to apply to your surface. Solid epoxies are often difficult to work with. They often require a professional to put them on correctly, because they set rapidly. Solvent-based epoxy is excellent for adhering to concrete., so may be ideal for your sidewalk or driveway. Solvent-based epoxy does require the use of a respirator, and you should keep other people and pets away from the area while applying it.

Water-based epoxies are the most used for countertops and similar surfaces. They do not have the fumes that solvent-based epoxy does, so they require no specialized equipment to use. Finally, there are pre-tinted epoxy floor coatings that are very popular for garage and indoor floors.

With any of these epoxy types, you will need to begin by grinding thoroughly & cleaning the surface you plan on coating. You will also want to fill in any holes or cracks you do not want to show in your final look prior to applying the epoxy.

How to Apply Shiny Epoxy

Epoxy application changes based on what you are using the epoxy on. If you are applying epoxy to a concrete surface, you begin by using a floor grinder and putting a surface profile on the concrete or an acid etching mixture on the concrete after you have properly cleaned and prepared the concrete. After the floor has dried, you will paint on the first coat of epoxy in the same manner that you would normally paint on epoxy. For the second coat of epoxy, you add any non-skid additives you choose to use, and then paint the second coat on.

If you are using epoxy to cover wood countertops, you can either paint it on or do an epoxy resin pour depending on what you are doing with the countertop. If you are using roll-on epoxy, you roll it just as you would regular paint. If you are embedding objects for a resin pour, then you will want to build a frame around the surface that leaves a quarter inch around it and a quarter inch above it. You will pour the epoxy on it after inserting the objects you wish to embed, and then wait for it to dry before removing the frame.

How to Make Your Colorful Epoxy Shine Like New Again

Over time, your epoxy may begin to lose its shine. You can get it back to shining like new again by polishing it. Many people just use polish and wax for cars to get their resins shining like new again. Begin by sanding the surface. You then apply the polish in circular motions, either by hand or by using an orbital sander. You polish the entire surface, and then buff it. You then apply the wax in circular motions, and then buff it. Your surface will be shiny like new again!

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