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Feeding the Future

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Nutreco launches industry first soy sourcing policy to prevent deforestation

Nutreco launches industry first soy sourcing policy to prevent deforestation

16 December 2020 – Today, Nutreco announces the launch of its milestone soy sourcing policy, aiming to simplify complex certification schemes for its procurement teams in Skretting and Trouw Nutrition, and facilitate the complete removal of deforestation from its supply chain by 2025. The policy forms part of Nutreco’s Sustainability Roadmap 2025.   

Deforestation is one of the major sustainability challenges for the agri- and aquaculture sector. Soy and oil palm are major deforestation drivers, with over half a million hectares of rainforest, peatland and savannahs destroyed each year for the expansion of these crops.

Annually, Nutreco buys around 1.5 million tonnes of soy ingredients and 80 000 tonnes of oil palm products. Certification schemes and standards are numerous, and provide a variety of deforestation assurances. These assurances vary per certification and they are continuously evolving, to reflect increased knowledge and ambition levels.  To address the challenge of ensuring compliance with certifications, Nutreco procurement teams have launched a transparent policy, highlighting soy-producing regions on low and high risk of deforestation, and outlining the procurement requirements in areas of higher risk. Despite the Nutreco Sustainability Roadmap deadline of 2025 for deforestation-free soy and oil palm ingredients, ambitious intermediate milestones have also been determined for Skretting.  Further milestones for specific regions and/or species are being evaluated, for both Trouw Nutrition and Skretting. 

“The concrete targets outlined in Nutreco’s new policy highlight the commitment to sustainable production, conservation of natural resources and also ensuring that local communities are treated with dignity and respect,” says Emese van Maanen, Managing Director of ProTerra Foundation. “We recognise the genuine concern for the regions from which they source ingredients and are in full support of this landmark approach.”   

“Procurement is about buying the right product at the right time, price and place,” says Robert van den Breemer, Skretting Procurement Director. “When it comes to soy and oil palm, buying the right product is difficult, and I am excited that with this policy, the Nutreco purchasing team now has a tool to make it easier to do the right thing. Because ending deforestation is the right thing, and we in Nutreco don’t just talk, we actually act.” 

“There is immense satisfaction in seeing our corporate divisions Skretting and Trouw Nutrition coming together and moving forward with ingredient purchasing policies that are pragmatic and can be implemented by our procurement managers in over 37 countries,” says Jose Villalon, Nutreco Sustainability Director. “These policies are fully aligned with our corporate sustainability strategy, RoadMap 2025, which we will communicate in more detail in early 2021.”.

Nutreco invests in Nordic Aqua Partners to build China’s first large scale RAS facility

Nutreco invests in Nordic Aqua Partners to build China’s first large scale RAS facility

November 26, 2020 Amersfoort, the Netherlands – Animal nutrition and aquafeed leader Nutreco has announced today that is has fully completed its further investment in Nordic Aqua Partners (NAP). Last week, Nordic Aqua Partners announced successfully completing a private placement of new shares with gross proceeds of approximately EUR 55.1 million. Nordic Aqua Partners will build China’s first fully integrated and commercially viable Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility. This partnership demonstrates Nutreco’s commitment to Feeding the Future with science-based innovations that advance sustainability across the value chain.

The facility, which will be built in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, will raise Atlantic salmon in all production stages from the hatching of imported eggs to harvesting, processing and distributing fully-grown fish for local consumption. The Norwegian equipment supplier AKVA Group will supply the RAS technology used in the production facility. The total production capability of the facility will be around 8,000 metric tonnes of Atlantic salmon by 2026, with plans to grow further as new markets and customer segments are developed.

Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans comments, “As a global population, we have reached or exceeded sustainable limits of fishing of many species for human consumption and other uses. Aquaculture in RAS provides an additional sustainable and safe way to increase the amount of fish available. For Nutreco, supporting RAS directly supports our mission of Feeding the Future in a way that is better for the planet.

“I’m delighted that we’ll be working together with NAP in China. From the facility in Ningbo we will be able to bring fresh, high-quality, Atlantic salmon to millions of Chinese consumers within hours of harvest, reducing the shipping impact on the environment.”

Nutreco Chief Innovation Officer Viggo Halseth adds, “The collaboration will allow Nutreco to further integrate farming and feed solutions towards optimal fish performance and will help further develop this highly sustainable form of aquaculture. It will also help us expand our learning about RAS and continue Skretting’s development of the best feed tailored for RAS systems.”

NAP Chairman Ragnar Joensen says, “On behalf of the team at NAP, we are thrilled to partner with Nutreco. Over the last year we have worked hard to develop the project to be investment ready and with the support from Nutreco and other co-investors we have completed detailed engineering and are soon ready to start construction.”

Construction of the facility in Ningbo is expected to start at the beginning of 2021.

Nutreco announces investment in West Coast Salmon

Amersfoort, October 6, 2020 - Nutreco is proud to be one of four key investors in recirculating aquaculture systems company, West Coast Salmon. 

West Coast Salmon aims to build a best-in-class RAS facility for Atlantic salmon farming in Nevada, serving the attractive US West Coast market. The investment underlines Nutreco’s ongoing commitment to Feeding the Future; our company’s mission to contribute to producing enough nutritious and high-quality food for a growing population in a sustainable way.


Nutreco announces the winners of its Feed & Food Tech Challenge 2020

Amersfoort, the Netherlands [September 23] – Nutreco today announces the winners of this year’s Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge (NFTC2020). First held in 2017, the event acknowledges the best breakthrough innovations in livestock farming, aquaculture and, for the first time this year, alternative food proteins.

In this competition, 15 finalists were selected from over 110 submissions by startups from across the globe. On September 22, the top three finalists eniferBio, Poultrix and Bond Pet Foods pitched again to the NFTC2020 jury, this time in a hope to win the top spot in the competition. The jury of the event consisted of Nutreco and external experts, including AquaSpark’s Mike Velings, Mathieu Castex of Lallemand Animal Nutrition and David Welch of The Good Food Institute. The winner wins a validation trial worth 50,000 euros, the second place winner will receive 10,000 euros and third place will receive 5,000 euros.​

Watch the NFTC2020 winners’ announcement by Nutreco’s Director of Venturing and NFTC2020 head juror Joost Matthijssen here.

The winner of the NFTC2020 and receiving the scientific validation trial is eniferBio.  This startup from Finland works to create a better future using fewer natural resources by revolutionizing an existing single cell protein technology to produce raw materials for aquaculture. In second place is Poultrix from Israel, which provides a digital solution to help poultry integrators manage its farming operations in a more efficient, sustainable and responsible way.  Coming in at third place is Bond Pet Foods. The startup’s breakthrough innovation was applying an innovative marketing and technology approach towards pet food.

Alex Obach, Aquaculture NFTC2020 juror and Skretting Head of R&D comments, ‘I’d like to congratulate eniferBio on their exciting technology solution and on winning the NFTC2020. Their innovation addresses raw material sustainability, one of the key challenges the aquaculture industry is facing. I look forward to working with them to validate their technology and explore further collaboration.”

Nutreco’s Director of Venturing and NFTC2020 head juror Joost Matthijssen comments, “We were impressed by the standard of breakthrough innovations throughout this competition. As the 15 finalists put their best foot forward during the pitch sessions to the jury and Nutreco colleagues around the world, we have added an audience award for the NFTC2020 Best Pitch. This award for the startup that gave the best pitch in terms of message delivery, presentation style and engagement was decided by Nutreco employees based.”

Fumi ingredient is the winner of the audience award for the NFTC2020 Best Pitch and wins a 5,000 euro prize. 

The next edition of the Nutreco Feed & Food Tech Challenge will take place in 2022. Stay tuned to Nutreco’s LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Nutreco today publishes its online 2019 Sustainability Report, highlighting the work being done across the company at both a global and local level to drive the company’s mission of Feeding the Future.

Nutreco CEO Rob Koremans says, “At Nutreco, sustainability remains not only a driving force in our business – it’s the only way we do business. Employees across our whole company are focused on our mission of Feeding the Future, carrying it out in ways that fit our local priorities and show their passion for serving customers and communities. In 2019, we took our mission into exciting new directions, through our investments in breakthrough innovation to help our industry produce more food, more sustainably.”

Watch a conversation between Nutreco’s CEO Rob Koremans and Corporate Sustainability Director José Villalón about Nutreco’s 2019 Sustainability Report here. Read the full report here.



Our stance on soy

Nutreco, through its divisions Skretting (aquaculture) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition), purchases soy each year as a raw ingredient for our animal and aqua feed products. Some of this is purchased from Brazil. Whilst we have no reason to believe that soybean farmers in our supply chain hold any responsibility for the fires in the Amazon, we are actively conducting an internal review with the aim of ensuring the soy we buy in deforestation-risk geographies is conversion-free or certified deforestation free. This review may result in prioritizing soy purchases out of high-risk sectors. 

We believe that companies within our industry play an important role in ensuring raw materials are farmed in a sustainable way and we are committed to doing our part. Wherever possible, we always work with NGOs and reputable international organizations to ensure the raw materials we source are sustainable and farmed with as little impact as possible on the planet. In addition, our divisions Skretting and Trouw Nutrition have transition plans in place to meet deforestation targets by 2025 set-out by FEFAC. Supply chain diversification, development of alternative ingredients and risk minimization have been, and will continue to be, a focus for Nutreco.

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